About the Game

Each player is issued with a semi-automatic markering gun, and ammo (first 100 rounds are supplied in the gun ready to play.) We are one of the cheapest for paintball in Somerset.

The ammo used are bio-degradable paintballs. When a direct hit is made, it marks the opponent and eliminates them from the game.

Below are just some of the games we play at Cannington Park Paintball & Laser.

All party’s are split into two teams, under no circumstance do we allow one party to all play in the same team. Minimum numbers apply. You are not guaranteed to be on your own and groups can be add to another group of similar age. We do not add kids to adult group and Vice Versa.

Flag Capture

Each team is given a flag to protect. You must obtain the opposing teams flag and return it safely to your base and still have your flag.

Team Death Match

You have to eliminate the other team, the team with players left wins!

Storm The Castle

Two teams are given the chance to attack, then defend the castle. To capture the flags.


Five objects are hidden and need to be recovered - you need all five to win!


1 team at each end of the trenches ,with a flag in the middle. Get the flag into the other teams base to win.

Protect the president

Both teams have a president, you have to protect your president and assassinate the other teams president to win.